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Xelfly Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind: Protects against defects in materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. We stand firmly behind our product quality and our exceptional customer service.

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  • Amazon Product Review

    Excellent quality and value for price.
    The quality and value of this bag is very good for the price. Less capacity than a Nike Elite bag, but compared to the $80 price, this is a great bag for young competitive basketball players. My 11 year old wears a size 7 in basketball shoes, so when his shoes are inside the bag and the basketball is also in its pouch, there’s not much room for additional items. The drawstring bag that’s included is a nice touch; however, if you fill it with contents you won’t be able to put it inside of the backpack, (with shoes inside). The side pockets are nice for his water bottle and mouth guard. There is a small laptop pocket, I believe a small laptop could fit. Overall, I give this 5 stars for the value, price paid, quality, And fast shipping. Perfect size for age 14 & under. 15 and older might prefer a larger sized bag, for bigger shoes/gear. (Basketball)

    dooneychic Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Absolutely water proof, it doesn't even let air out!
    I have a few backpacks that I use while hiking but really wanted one that was fully waterproof. 1. If I got stuck on a trail during heavy rains 2. If kayaking or boating, I wanted my stuff to keep dry. I opted for the 18L as this was mainly going to go on kayak trips with me and it's the perfect size for some extra gear, small towel, extra shirt and a few smaller items. I was quite skeptical of a bag being fully waterproof but these are. Once fully zipped, it doesn't event let air out. Don't forget to apply the zipper grease, it makes a world of difference. (Submersipack)

    Soner Acar Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Sleek and fashionable, comfortable and roomy!
    The storage options on this backpack are great, lots of versatile backpacks and storage compartments. My laptop feels secure in it and it's got a nice firm pad against my back so I don't have to worry about the laptop or my back. It looks nice and sleek from the outside and not too flashy for a laptop bag, the straps are nice and cushioned so it's comfortable even for a full day of travel. I was looking for a nice backpack to replace the corporate branded one that I got from an old job, and this was perfect. (Laptop Travel)

    Alisa Sheyn Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    The bag of many purposes.
    I wanted a versatile gym bag that I could utilize for basketball, racquetball and store towel sorts and shirt. The bag has a pouch specifically to fit an official sized basketball it also came with a pouch for wet garments. You would need to choose between sneakers and gym clothes or racquet and ball not sure if sneakers bigger than 12 will fit I am 11 and not a problem. Overall multi purpose bag well made, stylish and most importantly reasonably priced. P.S. mines was both black and blue they have several choices in color. 5 stars. Thank you good luck on all your future endeavors in 2021. (Basketball)

    JOSEPH L Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Perfect sports bag
    This bag is amazing. It fits an official sized basketball in the bottom (as shown in default product photo), my basketball shoes and also a football. Its got two nets for water bottles and they stretch out so you can fit some giant ones in there. The straps are comfortable. I really have nothing bad to say about it (Basketball)

    Ed Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Product Review

    Great value!
    This backpack is awesome! I have been using it on my SUP and have had ZERO leaks, even when crushed under my bungee cords all day. The seams are well-made and show no signs of splitting. I plan to buy several more because of the easy accessibility of the zippers. (Swagfly)

    pmedic Amazon Customer